O fim do mundo é o nome da mulher que eu amo

by Retrigger

Skateboard to that! (free) 03:30
Calafia (free) 03:48
O Satã apareceu (free) 03:49
Wrong! 04:22


Retrigger is an electronic musician from Brazil, also known as Raul Costa, who has been producing his music since 2001 and released albums and EPs in labels such as Cock Rock Disco or Ego Twister. He's strongly influenced with 60's psychodelia, surf music and rockabilly which he injects straight into his productions powered with heavy beats and bleeps. These are often derived from the specific mixture of 8-bit and breakcore hi-energy aesthetics. Wrap it all with the retro sci-fi (the use of theremin) and videogaming references, add a big dose of black humor (just look at that cover photo) and you'll have some idea of what is Raul up to. Not to mention his totally crazy, fire burning live performances which he's been doing half naked all around the world for years.

What specialities can you expect on "O fim do mundo é o nome da mulher que eu amo" ("The end of the world is the name of the woman I love")? First of all Retrigger gives us extra cool vocal lines in two of the EP's tracks. Also there's a surfy-style guest guitar appearance of our French-Persian pal Hassan K on the opening song. And just in the middle of this wild cavalcade you suddenly encounter unexpectedly calm and beautiful composition "Calafia". Plus the two bonus tracks which you won't find on streaming services, including a classic blues with vocals by Stephanie Tollendal.
released May 6, 2019
Originally released by Istotne Nagr.


released March 6, 2019

All tracks produced at Casa da Luz by Raul Costa
Additional synths, guitars and noises on track 1 by Keyvane Alinagui (Hassan K.) hassan-k.com
Vocals on track 7 by Stephanie Tollendal
Guitars on track 7 by Pedro Araujo e Leonardo Siqueira
Cover Artwork by Iwona Jarosz / Yes In Progress iwonajarosz.tumblr.com
Cover photo by Isadora Luchtenberg
Cover photo make up by Ana Pieroni




Retrigger São Paulo, Brazil

Retrigger is a laptop rocker who fights crime and boredom, live, every evening for more than 15 years.
He is also a gorgeous man.

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